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The Perfect Patio

In an earlier post I wrote about making the perfect patio yours this summer season.  Well, we did just that for clients here on the peninsula.

This lovely couple had recently moved to the island from a colder climate and wanted to enjoy their ocean view and sun filled back yard.  However, a rotten deck and weirdly sloped lawn made that impossible. We got the call when someone put their foot through a deck board.

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The one thing I wish my clients knew: I would love to design your deck!

t seems innocent enough. If you have a contractor building or renovating your house why wouldn’t you have him or her include the deck in the plans. It makes sense, it’s great timing and they are already familiar with your project.  

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The Best Patio In Victoria? YOURS!

It doesn’t get any better than summer evenings on a patio!  Between friends and good food, sunsets and conversation, memories are made.  And when it happens at your place, it’s even better. Here are four ways to turn your patio into the place to be.

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Landscape Lighting Secrets: Part 1

If there is one thing that can elevate your garden from average to awesome it’s lighting. No wonder it's the top landscape focus right now. Having the right lights in your landscape can extend your enjoyment of your time outdoors. Good lighting is something that makes a substantial difference to our clients in their overall satisfaction with their landscape.

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My Design Influences: My Mum Jill

During my elementary school years we lived in what most people viewed as an undesirable area, in a small townhouse across the street from a graveyard. Our neighbourhood was incredibly diverse and many of our school friends had recently come to Canada from other countries, which I jealously thought was so cool. But the beautiful diversity of this neighbourhood was about the only thing beautiful to be found. Until my mum came along. 

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Designer Basics: Landscape Layouts

Let your landscape reflect your style.

In the same way that a person’s sartorial style is expressed through their clothing choices, landscapes reflect our personalities in some recognizable ways. When we look at clothes we see that the cut can be tailored or loose, boxy or drapey, or some type of combination.

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Designer Secrets: Insider Container Tricks You Need to Know!

Container gardening is a mainstay of the gardening world. There is nothing more welcoming that an array of pots next to a patio door.  Containers are great for small spaces, corralling invasive species and adding some quirk and charm to a garden.  But what’s the biggest designer secret, regardless of colour, composition, style or size?

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