1. Choose Your Design:

A. Curb Appeal (Concept Landscape Design of your front yard, $299)

B. Back Yard (Concept Landscape Design of your back yard, $599)

C. Entire Property (Concept Landscape Design of your entire property, $1095)



2. Share your ideas

You know your property the best and your collaboration is a big part of a successful landscape design.  We use photos, measurements and a questionnaire to shape the vision for your ideal landscape.


It’s time to get snap happy! Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. If possible take photos on an overcast day.  While sunny days are wonderful, their long shadows can obscure some of the finer details of a photo.  
  2. Remove unnecessary objects.  Keeping photos free of items like kids’ toys, errant hoses, or anything that isn’t up for consideration helps us to see the full potential of the property.
  3. Keep it simple. While we love artsy photos, they don’t help us in the design process.  Step back until there is a reference point in each photo. Front yard: be sure to take a photo from across the street - it’s really helpful when we can see where the property meets the sidewalk or road and how the yard relates to the neighbours’ properties. Then a midway photo of the left side of the front yard and one of the right side - keep the same reference point in each (ie. the front door). 


Back yard:  See Diagram.



*****  diagram showing a property map with illustrations of photo angles 



If you have a copy of your municipal survey then we are off to a great start.  Simply scan and email it with the completed additional measurements. If not, then it’s just a few more measurements to take.  


Measurement checklist:

  1. perimeter property line (P/L)
  2. house footprint showing doors and windows
  3. any window wells
  4. any deck/patio dimensions
  5. fence lengths driveway 
  6. front path
  7. existing remaining trees 
  8. any existing remaining features (sheds, arbors, hedges, swing sets, etc.)




***** insert hand drawn property and site measurements diagram.





Use the questionnaire to share your ideas, needs and wish list with us.  


Phone Consultation:

Once we receive your photos, measurements and questionnaire we will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for a phone consultation to review the information together and ensure that we give you a landscape design you love!